Shindig: A UX Case Study
User Experience, User Interface, Branding
During General Assembly’s User Experience certification program, I designed Shindig, a party planning app that consolidates vendor information and creates custom party packages.
As an avid event planner and enthusiastic host, I suspected potential issues in the party planning industry. However, to suss out what those pain points could be, I conducted interviews with seven different individuals, all who have recently planned or are in the process of planning an event.
I used affinity mapping to narrow user grievances into a few key categories.
The target audience prefers the convenience of all-inclusive party packages, prioritize societal expectations in hosting an event (believe in party experiences being generators of #content for their social feeds and their friends' feeds), are on a budget, self-identify as planners and highly value their own opinion.
The current party planning industry is time-consuming. There should be a solution to make narrowing down vendor options easier.
By providing party planners with a centralized location for all pertinent vendor information, their efficiency will increase—spending less time making foundational event decisions.
An aggregator that asks the most pertinent questions for an event—date and time, location, number of guests, desired vibe, among others—and presents the planner with a curated list of vendor options. Selections and deposits can be made and the user can continue their planning process with ease.
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